Tuesday 28 April 2015

Autumn Foods in Japan

Autumn is one of our favourite seasons to eat in Japan. Sanma, the long, sleek fish (pacific saury in English), grilled with salt. The crisp skin cracks under the pressure from your chop stick, and you come away with this delicious, moist, dark piece of fish meat that tastes right in every way.
Grilled sanma, an Autumn delicacy.
Source: https://flic.kr/p/71XHGi 
Fruit harvests are also abundant in autumn. Japanese apples and pears are juicy and crisp, and persimmons are also starting to appear on trees and in the shops. The waxy skin of the persimmon hides a soft, orange flesh, similar to a peach or ripe pear, but tasting like neither.

Japanese sweet potato, satsumaimo, is another autumn favourite. Slow roasted over hot stones, the soft, baked potato texture, combined with the golden yellow flesh just demands a dab of butter. Don’t forget to pick up some roasted chestnuts while you’re out and about from the plentiful street stalls you will come across on our Japan Discovered Tour.
Daigakuimo, fried Japanese sweet potato coated with sugar.
Shinmai (new rice) is the first crop of rice to be harvested in the year and is said to have subtle taste and texture differences. Some say this rice is moister, a little plumper and sweeter than regular rice.
Finally, autumn is the season for matutake. Matsutake is one of the most sought after mushrooms in the world, due to its unique spicy aroma and flavour. Highly prized in both Japanese and Chinese cuisine, one kilo of matsutake can cost up to €1,800 for the early season, highest grade mushrooms.
Matsutake mushrooms on sale in Kanazawa.
Source: https://flic.kr/p/aGVHcg
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